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SkyOS 6 by Timerever SkyOS 6 by Timerever
My idea on how SkyOS 6 or any other OS should be.
This mockup was originally a better default interface for the upcoming SkyOS 5 -> [link] but it turned into a totally diferent mockup.

-- UPDATE --

I've put the taskbar on the bottom by default to prevent windows titlebars from becoming inaccessible.
Using my own cursor (B.A.S.E. White) instead of Oldsys.
Created my own SkyOS wallpaper based on a image from [link].
Changed some items positions.

Explanation time:

- The taskbar groups the start button, the clock and the system tray icons in one place leaving the rest for task buttons.

- The start menu is regular, but on the logout menu item that icon is the user icon and varies with the person loged on.

- The aplications caption instead of displaying the application name it shows usefull info, in these two examples we see:
In the music application it displays the music it is playing but also allow you to click on those links that will show you more info on these musics and artists either on the web or from your local files, like for example the author biography or the album history.
The chat client show with who you are chatting and since when, that link may serve to show info about that person either from you adress book or the chat protocol used.

- Shadows under windows are always nice.

- When a application is inactive or under another it will become transparent.

- The application menu is a drop down menu, you use it by pressing that blue arrow on the top right corner.

- The close button is at the left to prevent accidental application closing.

- The icons and text have drop shadow to give them some visual separation from the wallpaper.

I think I'm all done, now for the copyright bits:

- The icons are Nuvola created by David Vignoni -> [link]
- The SkyOS logo was created by the SkyOS team -> [link]

There are some hidden jokes so if anyone sees this try to find them ;-)
Have Fun!
Varacolaci Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2005
Well the David Lanham image is one of my favorites but...
Adakar Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2005
nice :)

anyway, I still doubt skyos 6 wil look like that (though it would be kewl) ;)

and that mpIII player still looks like a great idea for skyos :D
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January 26, 2005
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